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Re: Weight loss bucket list

Great idea!

In the beginning mine were and still are:

1) To not look pregnant. I've accomplished this. I still have chub on my midsection, but now you can just tell I'm chunky

2) I want to wear my old clothes and stop having to wear DH's old tshirts. halfway there. I can wear a few of my old shirts, but my stomach is still a little big for most

3) Get my weight to a reasonable enough number to keep my endometriosis pain in check.

4) Stay active and keep family active. I've been getting better at this. My toddlers and I walk to a playground almost everyday. I do in home workout DVD's 5-6 days a week. But I'd like to get back into hiking

5) I want to feel comfortable with my body again. I am not aiming to be a size 2 or anything, because it doesn't suit my frame. I just want my athletic build back.
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