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Re: Give me your best tips about travelling with kids. Bonus for tips about Disneylan

Originally Posted by corinne76 View Post
This is good to know. So i should probably bring a ssc instead of a wrap at the park. Ds has never slept in the stroller so a carrier is a must.
I personally if you find them equally comfortable I would bring the SSC. I know that at least on Toy Story Mania (and one more I am forgetting) would not allow you to wear the child in a wrap. The carrier for us came in so handy as I would ride things like The Haunted Mansion that my DS started to dislike, while he was asleep. We got tons done with him in his carrier. It was great just how many rides allow you to wear them in a carrier on the ride.

Also use parent swap! With the older kids, you might want to ride things that won't work for the smaller kids. You can go to the entrance for any ride with a height restriction (I heard possible Haunted Manison too), and ask for a parent swap pass. You wait in line, while the rest of your party does their things with the little kids, then give when your done those in your party who also want to ride, go to the exit usually and just ride, while the others watch the smaller kids. This has been so helpful for DH and I when it was just us with DS, we still got to ride all the big "coasters" even with him. The nice thing is if the older kids want to go twice they can they just head back on with the other adult. The kids love that!
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