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How to get DH to pitch in just a little more?

My DH is the type who will be sitting with me on the couch while I'm folding laundry and not offer to help with it. We're pretty good at splitting the big duties taking care of our DS (almost 4 months old!), but I find that I'm still the one doing all the little things (watering the plants, running laundry, taking care of the cats, paying bills) while DH watches TV or plays computer games. If I ask him to help, he'll usually do it, but sometimes will grumble, and I'm sick of having to ask.

Do you all have any tips for how to get DH or partner to help out more? I know I will always do the brunt of the day-to-day things because that's the way I am and he's often just oblivious to what needs to get done, but I want to get his help without having to nag!!

Should I build a schedule - so every day there a couple of small tasks that he knows he should help with?
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