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Re: How to get DH to pitch in just a little more?

you have to come up with a plan that works for both of you.

Give him a few permanent tasks that are his (divide the chores)?
Write up a weekly list and he work on it as he can?
You ask when you need something?

talk to him about the issue and see what ideas he has. I would imagine that he thinks you are doing too much anyway and being too picky so whatever he says, just at least consider it for a moment. Sometimes we moms take too much on ourselves and create work that really isnt that important.

make sure you are not doing things for him that he can do for himself....again, creating more work for yourself.

dont give up and give him excuses just because he is male. I am sure he is fully capable of doing everything you are currently doing but its important to communicate clearly your needs and ask clearly for what you want....not a general "I need more help around the house" because then he may do one thing and feel like he did help and the issue is resolved. be clear...."I need you to start handling taking care of the cats, permanently. That means food and water and litter boxes and vet appointments...." I really do believe in Dr. Phil's famous qoute "we teach people how to treat us".

good luck
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