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Re: How to get DH to pitch in just a little more?

Schedule is good and also it may help to split the chores so he knows what he needs to do to help around the house aside from everyday picking up and doing what families do.

If he absolutely loathes say folding the laundry for example, is it possible for him to put the dishes away and hand wash anything else that doesn't fit? And you can load the dishwasher? Something like that we do at home as I for one suck at folding laundry like most guys and I have reminder notes around the house (ADD) so I don't forget to do simple things like putting the shoes in the right place and keeping clothes in the right place.

We try to get things done early in the afternoon including making dinner and cleaning. And trust me, it's never perfect and we get on each other's nerves from time to time but I feel consistency and just making it a habit is key.

And since us guys are simple creatures, tease him, thank him and just show any sort of affection. That's all that we need. The last thing you want to do as much as I hate to say this is don't nag If there's a reward system even a simple but appreciated thank-you's, we feel loved, strong, and that knight in shining armor.

(I think it's true, if guys want to get laid, help the wife around the house lol)

"Hey sexy can you help me" is far better than "Are you going to help me instead of sitting on your bum all day"

And do things together; at least it won't be as boring as you or him doing things around the house by yourself. It gives two people to talk while the house is getting cleaned
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