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Winston Herman is here 8-16

Winston Herman born 8-16 due date 28th
time: 10:53 am
weight: 7.7
Length : 19.5 in

He was #3 for me and this pregnancy has been totally different than the other 2. I had been having some very mild BH but nothing consitant. On the 14th I saw my Doc and she said I was at a 3cm 50% effaced. YEAH!!! Wednesday the 15th I just felt yucky and cranky. I went to church and made it through it. I had 3 contractions in a hr, but just felt unconfortable. Later that night I took a shower and bounced on my ball, & noticed my plug had come out. Contractions were almost nonexisitant. So I convinced DH to do some accupressure points on me for about 30 min just to see what would happen. Nothing did. So we went to bed.
Around 12:30 I started getting contractions that woke me up and I would time them. Still not very regular... 20 min, 12 min... 5min... 20min .. I got up to see if they would get closer. NOPE they stopped! UUGGG. So I go back to bed.
Time now is 2:00 am. One hr later I woke up to a peeing feeling. I thought did I just pee in bed?? so I go to the pot and nope it was my water that had broken! YEAH!!! I had prayed that would happen to know I was in labor!! ( Never had water broken at home before)
Time: 3:00 -4:00 finish some dishes and get the bags to the van and get kids to babysitters.
Time: 5:00 Arrive at hospital
Get checked in and hooked up to moniters. And low and behold I am contracting every 5 min and not feeling them!!!
Long story short.... When I would lay on my left side I would have MAJOR HARD contrations, but when on my back ... NOTHING. So I decided to stay on my side and get this over with.
I did not like my Doctor, she came in right at the end and as soon as baby was born out she went. Very impersonal.
I went from a 7cm to complete in 2 hrs. I had been just doing a cm an hr. I was on some pain meds but they sure didn't seem to help there at the end.
I pushed 4 times and Winston crowned and came out in the last push! DH was very emotional during this time and had a hard time keeping it together! I am so happy that I had the sense of mind to notice that. And it warms my heart.
Anyways no tears just a skid mark. Winston nursed right away and hasn't stopped since!
He is such a good baby!!
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