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Re: How many oz a day?

can you not throw the extra away? omg i would FREAK if my dcp threw any extra away! i know you're not allowed to feed again from that same bottle. but i've been to several different dcp, and they will all put whatever's left back in the fridge and give it to me at the end of the day. as they put it "we can't feed it to her. but we don't know what you do with it when you go home. who's to say what's in the bottles you bring us tomorrow?" my understanding was that they did it for all the moms who brought breastmilk. i guess mom would have to decide if she's comfortable with that. i understand why they have those regulations for daycares, but in practice, as long as it gets chilled back down quickly, it's just not a huge deal to reuse. at least, not for me.

11oz in 4 hours is a lot. are you sure she's hungry every time you feed her? my baby is still very unsettled in her new daycare and so she tends to cry a lot, and my dcp keeps feeding her, even though she's probably just unhappy and/or tired. she also won't take a pacifier there, and i can't figure out why. but she probably just needs to suck and is soothed by that. also, i've noticed that a lot of people lay a baby down to bottlefeed them, and the milk just POURS out of that bottle. we even have slow flow nipples and i just observed my sister doing this the other day (i'd had to have some medication and couldn't nurse for 24 hrs). my baby was swallowing tons of milk, frantically trying to keep from drowning, but everyone else in my family thought i was nuts for telling her to sit her up. if the baby is sat up, and the bottle is tipped just enough so that the baby isn't sucking air, they tend to eat a lot less and closer to what they need.

at 6 months, my ds would have only needed 1 bottle in that timeframe, with about 6-7 oz in it. dd is 3 months drinks 4 oz, and would probably drink 2 bottles in that time, but leave some leftover in both bottles.

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