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Re: How many oz a day?

Originally Posted by shortcake2386 View Post
is there anything slower than evenflo nb slow flow nipple?
Playtex Ventaire is slower. The slowest is Dr. Browns with a premie nipple, but the nipple is horrible for a BF baby. Technically its enough milk, but in order to keep baby content it may not be. DS2 is 8 months eats minimal solids and takes 20 oz while I'm gone for 8 hours. I am blessed that I am able to supply that for him. I can't imagine leaving a care provider with just barely the right amount - hard on everyone. I think you've done the right thing by talking to her about it and recommend extra pump sessions last thing at night first thing in the morning. :Hugs: to all.

As something of a lactivist I hate to mention supplementing, but if mom inquires about it I would make sure she knows that she's doing an awesome job and it doesn't make her a failure if she has too.
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