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Re: What cues do you see?

My DD is 7 weeks and hasn't pooped in a diaper for 5 weeks, but she still pees in her diaper about 30% of the time. I keep her in a diaper because if she's naked she won't tell me she has to pee, she'll just pee on me lol. Her cues for pee are pretty strong, but since I can't always get to her in time she will pee in her diaper and then cry because she hates being wet. She will let our a little yell when she has to pee and/or kick both feet. If she's nursing, she'll keep going on and off the breast while kicking- like she wants to nurse but she knows she has to do something first. She also does this if she has to burp so we're working on deciphering which is which!
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