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Re: Give me your best tips about travelling with kids. Bonus for tips about Disneylan

Anyone can do parent swap. Basically everyone walks up to the ride, and you tell the person at the entrance, we want a parent swap pass. They will give you a piece of paper, then the group with the young kids takes off to do whatever, and the Older party gets in line. When the older group is done, the adult from the other group, takes the pass with who ever else wants to ride, to the entrance and they will tell you were to go, and they get on the ride pretty quickly, no line waiting.

In comparison to Hawaii, it will be similar, but there is a higher chance in June to get "June Gloom" basically a chilly overcast, that last the morning until the afternoon, burns off, and brings a slight chill to the evening. Overall expect 60's lows, up to 80's for the high, though freak wet or heat waves can happen. Over all it should be pretty darn nice, that time of year.
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