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I have had my paraguard for about a year now (inserted 6 mos PP). AF didn't come back til 2 mos after that, so i do not know if changes are just PP or IUD or both.
Insertion was not fun, very bad cramping with a needy 6 mo old...! But a couple advils and all was well. Since then no issues with the iud itself (dh cannot feel, etc).
AF is way heavier than it was pre- baby and the overall "pattern" is kind of different, but again don't know if paraguard is totally to blame. I have never had spotting. Cramping, never bad to begin with, is still totally tolerable. I DO notice "mittelschmerz" which i never did before (doc said anyone without hormonal bc is likely to have).
I love that its hormone free, AND i don't have to do anything. Even nuvaring was too much for me to remember... I have no clue how i managed to not get pg before! Nonhormonal bc has been good for the libido as well
However, we are getting kind of paranoid the last couple of mos bc i have had eerily pg-like symptoms and totally freaked on DH when he said that being pg wouldnt be a bad thing... I started sobbing and explained the whole removal/likely loss thing. That possibility is really starting to weigh on me, bc not-so-deep-down we both really want #2 NOW.
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