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Re: I know I have 2 more months yet, but I am DONE!

I hear ya. Baby will be #3; my oldest will be 3 1/2 when the baby is born. I am so ready to be done being pregnant.

I'm pretty much annoyed at everyone and everything. The hormones have really gotten to me this time. Where would I even begin...

Well I'll just share that I'm super annoyed about this wedding I am going to on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend. I'll be 35 weeks. It's a vegan wedding, which I don't mind, but they are the type of vegans who won't come to my house b/c we eat meat and they can't stand to be around us. They're very holier than thou about the whole thing. But it's my brother, so I kind of have to go.

And my pelvis is killing me. And the baby thinks she is Chuck freaking Norris in there.
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