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Re: August 13th weekly chat

^ Yay for no colic! I can't even imagine. Greta is a lot fussier than my son was (he was the most laid back baby ever) but she still doesn't cry very much. We're still working on the whole sleeping at night thing, and just the sleep deprivation alone can drive you bonkers. My nephew cried all the time and was a very intense baby (he's 4 now and still is very intense) and I know my sister really really struggled. I can see how it would be traumatizing, I hate when my babies cry for even a short period, or are fussy for more than a couple of minutes.

Greta is going to be 4 weeks old on Monday already! I can't believe it, it's going so fast already. She has her 1 month check-up next Friday, which seems crazy to me. She's getting a bit easier, overall. Less fussy and her digestion and discomfort seems to be getting better (she doesn't seem to have reflux or anything like that, I think it's mostly been gas, taking in too much air when she nurses, and her immature digestive tract). She almost never spits up, but she had a few nights where she'd seem very uncomfortable and was struggling, and then I'd give her gripe water and she'd power puke. The gripe water would either really help her, or make her puke. We've noticed that she seems more comfortable lately, and is sleeping better. However, last night was terrible! Not sure what was up, since the night before was her best night yet. Oh well, a day at a time. I gave her gripe water for the first time in about a week, and she kept everything down and is now snoozing away.

She's starting to have more wakeful periods, where she's very alert and paying attention to you and looking right at you, and her facial expressions change when you talk to her and it looks like she's about to smile. So sweet. She's really starting to fill out, too. I'm looking forward to seeing how much she has grown when she goes to the doctor, she's already outgrowing things and is getting those chubby baby cheeks. I think she's going to be up there with her brother, who was in the upper percentiles for growth. Sad because that also means she'll be outgrowing her adorable clothes like crazy!

My son (2 years old) is doing so well with this big adjustment. He has his moments, of course. He acts out a bit and can be really LOUD. It's hard to separate what is just his normal 2 year old self, and what is acting out because of the new baby. But he is so sweet to her! He gives her a million kisses a day, wants to hug her, etc. So even though he can be frustrating and tiring and sassy, I am so glad that he feels love toward her and doesn't seem to resent her. He's a very sweet kid in general, and I think we're doing our best at including him, doing fun things with him when possible, and giving him as much attention as we can. He's learning how to be patient when we need him to wait, too. Overall I am just so happy with how he's adjusting. It hasn't been perfect or easy, but definitely better than I expected. He asks to nurse more often, although I've held firm that it's just for naptime and bedtime for him, but he doesn't get upset when he sees his sister nursing a million times a day... thank goodness!

I'm healing up really well this time around. I didn't have a bad recovery last time or anything, but I bled longer and was way more uncomfortable. My lochia is almost gone at this point, unless I am especially active (like yesterday we ran errands, walked around Target for awhile, etc. and we were gone for several hours, my flow picked up a bit after that). My milk supply is wonderful again, too.

Hugs to all of you who are still waiting for your little ones to arrive. Hang in there, it will be over before you know it. Sometimes I'm still surprised by little things, either missing pregnancy (not much, but a little) or being surprised my big belly isn't there anymore (like when I put on my seat belt) or I forget that I'm "allowed" to do things now that I couldn't before. I wish I had enjoyed my pregnancy more, even though it was hard to do this time around.
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