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C-section then inguinal hernia repair

I got an inguinal hernia (the type right above the fold between the pubic area and the leg) during my first pregnancy. I labored like normal and ended up having a c-section after not making any progress for 14 hours.

A year after I recovered, I consulted a family friend who is a surgeon. He suggested waiting until after I was done having kids to repair it.

Now I'm 26 weeks with Baby #2. The hernia isn't bothering me, but it is very noticeable. I am scheduled for a second c-section due to the hernia (don't give me any grief!). My OBGYN consulted with the surgeon and they feel it should not be repaired during the c-section, but 6 weeks after. My uterus needs to shrink first.

Anyone have this type of hernia repaired after a c-section? I plan to take 8-10 weeks off post c-section and will have some assistance. My recovery from the first c-section was great. I tolerate pain pretty well and I've been told the hernia surgery will be done as an outpatient.

Thanks for any and all info!
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