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Baby up at 6:30
7 everyone up, DH and I take turns showering and getting kids ready.
7:30 DH out the door with baby to go to daycare /work
8 I'm off to work after dropping preschooler at school.
3:15 I'm off to pick up preschooler, then home to take care of odds and ends
4:30 pick up baby from daycare, hang out til dinner
5:30 start dinner
6 DH comes home, eat
7. Bath every other night, wash diapers, clean up dinner
8. Bedtime, then DH and I do any minor chores like folding laundry, finishing cleaning dinner , pick up toys
10 us in bed

Weekends :
We each get to sleep in one day
Saturday: Breakfast, grocery store, lunch, naps, then hang out at home.
Sunday: Breakfast, family activity (zoo, park, etc), lunch, start laundry during nap, hang out til bedtime.

House cleaning is done during naps every other week

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