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Originally Posted by mibarra

Baby up at 6:30
7 everyone up, DH and I take turns showering and getting kids ready.
7:30 DH out the door with baby to go to daycare /work
8 I'm off to work after dropping preschooler at school.
3:15 I'm off to pick up preschooler, then home to take care of odds and ends
4:30 pick up baby from daycare, hang out til dinner
5:30 start dinner
6 DH comes home, eat
7. Bath every other night, wash diapers, clean up dinner
8. Bedtime, then DH and I do any minor chores like folding laundry, finishing cleaning dinner , pick up toys
10 us in bed

Weekends :
We each get to sleep in one day
Saturday: Breakfast, grocery store, lunch, naps, then hang out at home.
Sunday: Breakfast, family activity (zoo, park, etc), lunch, start laundry during nap, hang out til bedtime.

House cleaning is done during naps every other week

That sounds quite similar to my life! Thanks for sharing.
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