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6:15 dh wakes up
6:30 I wake up (or hit snooze depending!) and nurse baby
6:45 dh leaves for work while I shower, eat breakfast and get ready
7:45 wake up baby, change diaper, leave for babysitters
8:15 leave babysitters after chatting too long about random stuff, go to work and pump
9-5 I'm at work
4:30 dh picks up baby
5:30 I get home, nurse then frantically wash bottles, diaper laundry if needed, get dinner ready
6/6:30 dinner
7 try to go for walk/run with baby in stroller or do chores depending
8 I give baby bath, nurse to sleep usually before 9
10 baby wakes up for first time, nurse, bedtime for dh and me
I swear the hours from 5:30-8 go by so much faster then the rest of the day!
Wife. Midwife. Mother. Not necessarily in that order depending on the day!
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