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Re: What can my 10 month old NOT eat??

Yup, we've been feeding our 6 month old "adult" food, basically everything we eat, except for things with sugar added, and yeah, straight honey. I would probably be fine with a little peanut butter (like Rama Chicken or some other peanut sauce dish) because there are as many studies showing early exposure is good as that it's bad.

That said I did have a "am I a bad mom?" moment today while feeding our baby some quinoa leftover from dinner last night. After he'd had a few spoonfuls I remembered that I cooked the quinoa with at least half a cup of red wine (there was a lot of quinoa). I know there are some moms who would totally flip out at that. lol. But, I mean, it boiled for at least 15 minutes, and how else will he develop his pallet?
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