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Goodmamas, pid pods and a few misc. fitteds

MMAO! I'd love to get these out the door!
Time to destash! Selling off a bunch; mostly guc-vguc, though there are a few euc and 2 NIP (fruit spree and metamorphosis). Here's a link to my DS album - pm with interest! No stains, all have good snaps and elastics, unless otherwise noted.

v/guc Pink Deco (not the name, but pink version of Blue Deco): $13ppd
v/guc Chandelier: $17ppd (some fading of cv inner)
vguc Dragon obv: $14ppd
4x snapless older good.nights: $13ppd each or $40ppd for all 4

Piddle Poddles
3 ["wine country" toile print SOLD] Piddle poddles (don't know the names): $12ppd each or $32ppd for all 3

Unknown brand:
Same as GM "Gabrielle" print side snapping fitted: $14ppd

All sold below.....................................
[SOLD]NIP Fruit Spree: $38ppd
[SOLD]NIP Metamorphosis: $48ppd
[SOLD] 1981: $40ppd
[SOLD] vguc Layer cake: $30ppd
[SOLD] vguc Leeds to Liverpool: $30ppd (some edge wear, see photo, but inner is silky)
[SOLD] Natural Beauty, serged, original: $15ppd
[SOLD]v/guc Hot to dot: $18ppd (some wing curl, soft sherpa, super absorbent)
[SOLD]v/guc Pure Love: $16ppd
[SOLD]guc Gumball: $13ppd
[SOLD]v/guc Secret Garden: $17ppd
[SOLD]v/guc Rebecca Lynn: $15ppd (soft sherpa, faded outer)
[SOLD] Love Note (??): $18ppd
[SOLD]vguc Riley (??): $18ppd
[SOLD]v/guc Supermassive: $17ppd (no foil left, a bit pilly - nature of the fabric)
[SOLD] vguc Little Red Goes Green: $19ppd (some fading on outer, super soft inner)
[SOLD]v/guc Ballerina print (name?): $16ppd
[SOLD]v/guc Hot House Hula: $17ppd
[SOLD]vguc pink woven print (name?): $19ppd
[SOLD]euc stick fairies: $21ppd (still somewhat silky)
[SOLD] vguc Wasabi Dolls: $20ppd (one tiny edge wear spot - see photo)
[SOLD] ? obv navy/yellow: $14ppd PENDING (awesome old-school obv, sooo soft!)
[SOLD]vguc ? obv yellow/orange variegated, orange snaps: $14 (same obv as navy/yellow)

[SOLD]euc Orange Diaper Co., "papillon" print: $18ppd
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