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Oh mama, that does sound scary. All you can do now though is trust that everything will be ok. Try to relax today and not focus on Monday's appointment. Hopefully you'll be pleasantly surprised by this OB.

We went out for my shrimp quesadillas last night. We'll see if it helps! I had cramping when we got home, but that's gone now. I feel bad because I wasn't really ready for this baby to come until Wednesday afternoon, but now I want it here NOW. It's not like I've been patiently waiting for weeks. For weeks I was just trying to keep the baby in. Now I don't want to wait all the way till labor day like I'd been thinking this whole pregnancy. I think the fact that I'm taking my leave early (even just 3 days) doesn't help. I feel like I should be doing something. I'm not good at just sitting around at home, which is why I had planned to work all the way till the baby comes. Now I have to find stuff to do to fill my days while Dh works. I should tackle some of my unfinished crafting projects. I got in a fight with a zipper yesterday though. I hate zippers. But I do need a small wet bag. I tried to be productive yesterday and bathed the dogs then cleaned the bathrooms, but then I felt like I undid everything the chiropractor fixed for me Friday.

It's good to hear from some of you ladies who already have your babes. I can't believe they're 3 and 4 weeks old already! Glad to hear things are going well.

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