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Re: Schedule/routine

i dont really have a set schedule but basic looks something like this

5:20--me up get dressed, feed and let dog out, get ready for work
6:00am--me leave for work
(this morning schedule will change once baby is here and I return to work and look:
4:45 me up--gett completely lready for work, including feeding dog
5:30--wake baby to feed and put back to bed
6:00am--leave for work
7:00ish--DH gets DS1 up and ready for school
7:40---DS1 gets on bus and goes to school
anytime during this or after DS gets up and DH gets him ready. Takes him to daycare on his way to to work-- could be right then or as late as 10am.
2:30--I leave work and head home,
3:00--home and do a little picking up, feed and let dog out
3:30--DS1 gets dropped off by bus
3:45- pick up DS2 from daycare
4:00-- back home or we go run any errands (I try to avoid this if possible)
make and eat supper
try play with boys
any homework for DS1
one load of laundry
clean one part of house
play outside if weather is nice, take dog for walk

8:00 bath get ready for bed
8:30--read books
8:45--boys in bed
8:45-9:15-- me do any other picking up/cleaning
9:15-- sit on couch and read/watch tv/computer time till DH gets home
10is-- let dog out and then I go to bed.
wife and mom-- no other special labels. Just trying to do the best I can.
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