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MMAO Swaddlebees pockets L, Little lions fitteds, snugglebottoms & more

SOLD 5 Organic Velour Swaddlebees Pocket diapers with 5 Hemp Inserts. 2 white, 1 orange, 1 blue, 1 green. Side snap. Snaps and elastic are in good shape. Inserts do show some wear; one has serged edging coming undone, but still functional. Slight staining on inside of diap, but will come out with sun. They haven't been sunned in lately.No other issues that I can tell. pm with questions. Take all 5 diapers with hemp inserts for $50ppd 11ppd each OR $43 ppd w/o inserts $9.00 ppd ea without insert.

SOLD 4 Little Lions size Large. Elastic & velcro good. Some fabric wearing around velcro area. $20ppf for all 4 . $6ppd each

1 Peewell with insert Large- no issues. $7ppd

1 Large Unknown fitted - one snap does click but snaps fine no other issues - $6.50ppd

6 toddler size Snugglebottoms with velcro closure- $24ppd

Sugar Peas with inserts Size 2 pm me with interest! MMAO..
Top row left-purple edge - Elastic ok. No tears, rips diap still very functional $5ppd SOLD
Top Row right-green edge - Elastic has just a little stretch left. No tears or rips still functional. $4ppd
Bottom row left & middle print: Elastic still has some stretch. No holes or tears. $6 ppd
Bottom row right-blue edge - Elastic pretty much shot. $4ppd

Sugar Peas Size 2 Print- No holes or tears or stains. Elastic shot $4ppd

3 size Large fitteds unknown WAHM. Cotton flannel with snap closure. These have stiffness like flannel gets overtime. Rise: 16 unstretched. Asking $5ppd each. Take both for $9ppd
Sesame Street (far right) Sold.

Size Medium WAHM Fitted. Rise 14 unstretched. $5ppd Take all 3 WAHM for $13ppd

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