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Re: The Best of Both Worlds: At Peace with Formula Feeding

to the mamas on here. i remember when i decided to stop ebf my dd. she was 5 weeks old and i had been through bleeding nipples, painful breasts to the point where clothes hurt to wear, 2 clogged ducts, and a terrible case of mastitis (temp of 104!). I just remember crying when i started to give her a bottle. Like i failed her. but you know what...she is now 16 months old and is as healthy and happy as can be! She never gets sick and is not overweight and is INCREDIBLY smart (scary how smart she is!). I had to do what was best for my family. Instead of crying and being miserable and dreading every feeding, i started to enjoy the feedings i had with dd. she was finally getting a full belly (i could only ever pump 3 oz during the course of the entire day). DHs family are huge EBF supporters and i had a hard time dealing with them. my family is much more supportive either way. but in the end you do what's best for YOUR FAMILY. everyone is different. i don't judge either way. what's right for us isn't right for all-but it's right for US! Now #2 will be here in 2 weeks. i don't know if i'll bf or ff yet. either way i will do it with full confidence knowing it's what is best for my family. No judgements...only one can judge and HE is sending from above!
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