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Re: No prenatal care

I had an OB with my first and a midwife with my second, and I felt much more comfortable with the midwife, despite this pregnancy having been so much more complicated than my first. With teh OB, I was never asked if I wanted to have tests done, with the notable exception of the HIV test, I was handed a requisition and expected to do it. With the midwife, we talked about available testing, what each test was for, what any risks were, and then the decision if I wanted it was left up to me, and I never felt judged regardless of my decision. They suggested natural things to help alleviate any problems I was having before jumping to the perscription pad, they recommended a hospital birth since I was a VBAC mama, but would have done a home birth if I'd wanted it. They were very down to earth, very happy to let me dictate what was done, and to be as hands on or hands off as I wanted them to be.

I don't recommend going without any prenatal care. I do recommend having someone you can trust in charge of it. Things can crop up and did with my pregnancy, which actually resulted in my being transferred to an OB for the birth, and those things are not always obvious until they're very advanced. I think i fyou look around you can find a midwife who can act as your safety, and not try to orchestrate your birth.
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