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Re: No prenatal care

Originally Posted by achickadeeandme View Post
I am a healthy 35 yo women trying to get pregnant with my second child. With my first pregnancy during the U/S they found a "defect"with my pregnancy . Then proceeded to give me a list of all the things my baby could have wrong. They offered every genetic/ prenatal test possible and ordered me to have weekly fetal heart monitoring and weekly U/S. I was a wreck my whole pregnancy. Other than being born a few weeks early he had none of the defects they said he could have.
So sorry you experienced that mama! I decided against genetic testing for those reasons, and my son was born perfectly healthy. I am pregnant with my second child now, and I will not have it done. If my child does end up having a problem, I will deal with it.

Originally Posted by achickadeeandme View Post
Here we are 8 years later and I am a completely different person. I eat naturally/ organically ( we have an organic farm) my family sees a ND and we treat things naturally. I am very intune with my body and feel completely at peace with the pregnancy process.. We are planning a homebirth. Is it wrong to avoid prenatal care? I don't want tests and ultrasounds this time around. I just want to enjoy bring pregnant.
I would suggest a midwife. They are wonderful, trained professionals who see pregnancy and birth as a natural condition, not a disease. The very word stands for "pro woman" if I remember correctly. They will only monitor the basics, but you are in control of how much you want done.

Just to share a story: my SIL had a perfectly normal pregnancy. One day toward the end of her eighth month, she fell "weird". Fortunately, she had a checkup appointment with her doctor later that very day. He quickly determined that the baby's heart rate was dangerously low and decided to prep her for an emergency c-section. The baby was born with no heart beat and he wasn't breathing (the cord was tightly wrapped around his neck). The doctors revived him and he is now a healthy 8-month-old. Had she waited or had she not received prenatal care, my nephew would not have survived.

Even for my family, who is considered "hippy and crunchy" by modern standards, we would never consider skipping prenatal care.
Proud mom to my intact, mostly unvaccinated, baby boys Jayden (11/30/08) and Riley (03/28/2013). WOHM who still manages to lead a semi-crunchy, mostly organic, homeopathic, frugal life.
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