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Re: Just annoyed and frustrated re: potty training

I can semi-relate. My ds turned 3 in April. For whatever reason (up until today) he doesn't tell us when he needs to pee. He's been pooping in the potty since before his
3rd bday and will tell us when he needs to poop. I have been able to gage when he usually will need to pee. Its about an hour after he has a drink that he'll need to go, so I just take him. Today for the first time, he told me he needed to pee twice. Later, he went about 3 hours in between going so I took him potty because I didn't want him to forget. There have been times that he'll just pee where he is sitting. I've had him in underwear since his 3rd bday too, with minimal accidents.

I wish there was a way to get them to tell you when they need to go but there isn' will come eventually! I know thats not what you want to hear but thats how I'm finding it to be.
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