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Re: Just annoyed and frustrated re: potty training

Originally Posted by Dmpmercury View Post
I would try the 3 day method. It normal for them to not really initiate at first and just pee wherever. All of my kids did. The 3 day method worked well for my girls. My ds trained because I was pregnant and peeing a lot. He was in underwear for a rash and kept following me so he didn't initiate on his own. My girls who I did the 3 day method with did tell me when they had to go. My youngest has the occasional accident but she tells me before she goes now but didn't during the process of training. I prefer using underwear than the naked method. It is very normal for them to have lots of accidents until it clicks.
I would have to ship DD somewhere else if I did the 3-day method (and I've even heard of THAT method taking longer than just "three" days before it clicks). But I don't have anywhere to ship her. No family is nearby and it would be a burden on my friends for them to keep her for that long. And then there's no guarantee that it will click for him within that time.
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