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Re: Weight watchers~weekly threads?

Originally Posted by AVDesigns View Post
I'm doing WW but I haven't joined. I have one of the books and use the calculator I found online. I want to join the online version, but I'm not paying that sign up maybe if they run a special.

I only get 22 points according to my calculations and I used them all up today. I'm craving an ice cream cone but holding off. I guess doing WW will help me lose weight and go to bed earlier. When I stay up late to watch tv or hang out online, I want to eat. LOL
That is the old point system which is not in use. If you are using that one fruit is a point per cup, verses free on the new system. You can buy a calculator for $15 and do the plan with no meetings or sign up from home using the new points system. Most people have 26 points per day, 49 extra per week, and if you are nursing, 14 extra.

I am down to 163.1 so I lost .6 pounds yesterday! I am hoping to see 159 soon. I would love to get out of the 160s finally. I stall there every time for what seems like forever.
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