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Update in OP ~~ Newborn constantly rooting around for food?

Update: We couldn't handle the misery the poor guy was in so we took him to the ped. Got a lucky spot with the gastro ped. Did both an ultrasound & an upper gi. Maybe a little overkill but the boy had progressed to projectile vomiting.

Of all things, doc thinks the kid is just hungry and to go ahead & feed him on demand to help his tummy grow. And then we can try nutramagen if nothing improves. I'm glad we took him. We might not have gotten a direct answer but the Dr was a class act and was reassuring.

We're also going to try a new bottle. And just try to tolerate the puke launching. Yuck.

Okay, so the little man is here. He'S 4 days old and cant seem to decide if he's a happy baby or not.

I feel a little silly asking since this is our 3 rd kid but he constantly is rooting around for food. He's over eating because feeding him is the only thing seems to calm him....for a little bit. Pacifier works for a bit but when push comes to shove he'll go on for 5 6 hours till his poor belly finally stops hurting. Or at least that's my theory.

Would we benefit from a swing? Any other advice to offer on a baby who thinks he's hungry all the time?

ETA he's formula fed. That is surely an important detail.
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