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Re: Anybody ever feel guilty about not BF?

Originally Posted by crashgrl1221 View Post
I had to supplement starting at 2 weeks and could never stop as I never produced enough milk. I was heartbroken but visited 3 lactation consultants, tried pumping after every feeding, and nothing worked. Finally I just had to accept that we would both be much happier by using formula. Since I got over that guilt about stopping at 5 weeks, I have never looked back! I tried to tell myself there will be lots of important decisions in my daughter's life and this is just one of them and she will be fine either way!

You did the best you could! My story is similar. The lactation consultants really made me stressed out.... Like formula was never an option. They wanted me to bf for 30 minutes, supplement with expressed milk (which took 30 min) and then pump for 30 min for the first feeding, and then pump and feed from the bottle the next... And oh by the way if the baby hasnt eaten be sure to pump no less than every two hours to get your supply up. Who can do this? I never slept. Formula has made me a better mother, truly.
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