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Re: Just annoyed and frustrated re: potty training

I don't know much about EC, and I know some people won't agree with me, but for us rewards were key! We did 3 day, but you could still apply the rewards system by just adding it to your current routine. Anytime he goes any pee/poop in the potty he would get a reward, and then throughout the day remind him that if he pees/poops in the potty he would get.... (like a few MnMs or whatever you know he likes). With my DS (he's 2) he saw every opportunity, so for the first while he went potty A LOT! just to get his candy. We actually had to do bigger prizes with the pooping, because it took a few weeks for him to figure that out, but as soon as I caught a poop on the potty and he got a cool Thomas prize, he was all over it!!

Now we have changed it pretty frequently to help with the skills so that he can potty by himself, for example, now he gets 1 candy for taking off his clothes, 1 for keeping ALL the pee in the potty (ha!) and another one for putting his underwear and pants back on by himself (we're due with #2 soon, so the sooner he can potty by himself the better!)

I like the think of them as rewards, not bribes - there is something you want him to do and he wants to get something out of it. Just like us, how many of us would work if we didn't get paid.

What I think is really funny about it is that for a few days, every time I went potty he said - "mommy pee pee - mommy get candy!"
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