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Re: Home Birth?

Maybe you could look for a birth center? As other stated, I am pretty sure homebirths are hard to come by in Alabama b/c of politics. I would deliver at the farm if I could!!!

Our HBs were between $3-4K each.

We got our birth cert/SS cards by filing out the forms our MW provided and then mailing them in with the proper payment.

Our *current* ins is only for catastrophic coverage and will not cover any of our HB. In fact, even if we delivered in a hospital, we would pay the first $3K and then 20% of the remaining bill. Ugh. It's a lose-lose for us, financially. For one of our births, we had medicaid and it covered the whole thing. For the other HB, we had BCBS of FL and it covered a percentage, but I don't remember how much.

For prenatals, it really depends on the MW you have. For instance, I have had my homebirths at my parent's home b/c that is where I grew up, they live in the country, I am comfortable there, and someday I want to be able to take my kids there and say "you were born here on this property." My MW lives in my parent's city. So I sometimes do prenatal visits there at my parent's home, or I meet my MW at her home, or if she is in the area, she comes to my house. It just depends on your situation.

Best wishes! After having one hospital birth and 2 HB's I would NEVER deliver at a hospital again unless I had no other way around it. There is just nothing like having your baby in a familiar place, with familiar people, and familiar things. I also feel like I receive amazing care from my MW.
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