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Re: Why are you a minimalist?

I've never been very sentimental, so it's been easy for me to let go of the things. Getting the rest organized is more difficult, but not impossible, and I'm working on it. I like the physical effects of a minimal house. It wasn't until I moved away from my parent's house and went back to visit after a few months that I realized walking in to their house makes me claustrophic, germophobic, raises my blood pressure, overwhelms me, etc. I can feel so calm in my own master bedroom where we have just a bed and a couch (and one wall of baby stuff but that's unavoidable.). The second big kick for me was when my DH moved into an apt and we took with him just enough to get by. The first week I felt like I was roughing it but by the end of the irst week I loved the freedom of LESS. Two bed, one lamp, one table, 4 chairs, one couch, one tv, one bin of toys, a days' worth of dishes, and a few duffel bags of clothes - that's all we took and I felt so relieved. I even love the idea of outsourcing maintenance - in the apartment, the yard work, house maintenance, repairs are all taken care of and the weekends are just fun. I feel like a calmer person and better parent when I can focus on the kids and myself, and that doesn't happen when I'm constantly mad about toys on the floor and stacks of mail and unused junk and mountains of laundry. I'm so much quicker to pull out crafts for the kids because I can find it without sorting through a 30-gallon tub, now it's all labeled in clear shoeboxes so it's easy to find and put away. It helps me feel in CONTROL of my house and environment. Sorry for the novel. I guess that's all the ranting that I want to tell DH too but haven't gotten around to. The consumerism part is important too, I think very carefully about what I bring into the house because I know it's very likely I'll just be donating it in 6 months if it's not absolutely necessary in our house. it saves money and the envronment.
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