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Re: Developmental Delays in someone else's child? Need advice.

I second bringing it up as a safety issue. Falling, choking, tremors, low muscle tone etc. all can lead to serious injuries. Charting his day for a week will help document these issues, and will give her a starting place when she approaches a ped. or family doctor. You can download a developmental chart and fill it out as well. They have a series of questions about abilities and that will give a more solid idea of where he is scoring at. The sooner he gets intervention, the better off he will be.

Don't make apologies for removing food from his mouth. I would be very alarmed too if any child walked around with food in his mouth, let alone one who falls frequently. Falling and accidentally inhaling or choking on his food, let alone falling asleep with it in his mouth, yikes! I would be having heart attacks too! I really hope that a solution can be found that resolves that problem, because that is a real safety issue right there.

ETA: Honestly, she may not want to hear it, but if he chokes on his food in your care, or gets seriously injured, you will be responsible.
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