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Re: How many of you had/have hyperemesis?

HG is an extreme form of nausea and vomitting during pregnancy. (See Here's an example of HG...My 1st pg I was hospitalized at wk 6 for three solid weeks cause I couldn't take even a sip of something without throwing it up. I lost over 20lbs by wk 10 and had to be on 28mg of zofran/day plus 2 liters of i.v. fluid/day to stay alive. And the zofran and i.v. fluids went in through a catheter they surgically inserted into my chest cause my veins in my arms were all too colapsed to support i.v.s and my legs and butt didn't have any more meat on them to 'poke' subcutaneously for meds, etc. It's EXTREME!!!
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