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Possible to actually *ruin* diapers??

I think I have. : (

We have Bummis prefolds and BG AIO's. My son was mostly fine for a whole year when washing at home. I only had to strip them once. But then we moved and no washer so to the laundromat we went. Maybe 4 mos. washing at the laundromat and he kept getting really red on the end of his penis and butt sometimes. Once we were out of town and it got so bad it was blistered. Put him in sposies and 24 hrs later it was totally gone!

Since then we have done every kind of soak/strip imaginable. And now using a diaper service and they have done various soaks/strips as well. 3:1 vinegar soak numerous times, banking soda rinses, bleach, boiling water, sunning....etc. Diapers are definitely better than they were but several changes in cloth and he starts to get red weiner again. : (

I'm so so frustrated. We currently use sposies half the time but I don't want to. Is it possible that those months at the laundromat actually ruined the diapers?? I really don't want to buy all over again...took us a while to accumulate our working stash. He is soooo much better in sposies but I don't like it for all the reasons you're familiar with. Cloth is supposed to be better but it's not!!
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