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Coupon restrictions

Is it me or are the cashiers or store policies getting strict on formula coupons/checks usage?

Toys R Us/Babies R Us has a sale on Similac RTF. My husband went to TRU yesterday to pick up a box and brought some Similac checks with him. We've never had issues using multiples before at other stores. The cashier, coincidently, was also the store manager. He told my DH that he'll only accept 2 coupons checks because he's the store manager and that's his decision. He wouldn't let my DH say anything else. He didn't fight it because it was a good sale and the 2 coupons checks he got to use did help.
Today, I went to a TRU close by my work. I gave him 3 coupon checks that had 3 different names on them. He asked me 'Are you so and so? because if you're not, you can't use them.' I said 'no but I've never had an issue using coupons with other people's name on them and using multiples'. I then proceed to ask him, 'how would you know what my name was if I brought one check that was not in my name?'. He replied 'I'll ask for your ID'!! Seriously??!! I was starting to argue but he decided to let me use 1 coupon check and I really didn't want to make a scene.
Then I went to a BRU because the TRU only had one box and I wanted another. This cashier would only let me use 1 then decided to put another one through to see if her computer would accept it.
What is going on?? I've used 6 coupon checks PLUS regular coupons at a time at other stores and they don't even blink. Does it matter who uses the coupons? What if it's a DH who using the coupons but it's under the wife's name?

OT: Anyone know if Walmart will price match other store's sale price?
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