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Re: Coupon restrictions

Formula checks are a goofy beast. When I worked at CVS, we had to ring them in as a check, which meant it was a form of payment, and it had to be endorsed/printed on as a check. Now, you could use a manufacturer coupon, and a CVS coupon and a formula check all at once, if you had them, but the formula check didn't ring in like any other coupon.

As for stores getting more strict or whatever...I think that's more a mater of perception and might be a regional thing more than an all over reality. Lots of couponers think that stores are cracking down and changing policies and such all in reaction to the tv show. And in some areas that's totally the case. In other areas though, it's not really. We never had any coupon policy changes when I worked at cvs that ever came down from corporate. Meijer only just recently changed theirs, but I don't think it really made anything any more strict.

Having said that, generally, a store manager can often just make up whatever rules he wants regarding coupons-can set his own store limits on how many they can take and that sort of thing.
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