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Re: August 27 weekly chat

I was pretty bummed yesterday, so today I have a to do list, which includes going to the pool and JoAnn's. I really don't do well just sitting around at home. It doesn't help with everyone asking if I've had the baby yet. I'm glad I never went by my LMP due date, which would have been the 20th. Yikes! Yesterday was my FAM due date, tomorrow is my ultrasound due date. If the baby isn't here by Tuesday then it's the NST and ultrasound for me. I think I'm back to planning on a Labor Day baby. If it comes before then all the better. DH keeps reminding me it's a lot easier to take care of baby now than when s/he comes out though. Like going to bed at 7:30 last night probably wouldn't have been possible.

We're making plans for our parents to come down now. My mom and dad will come down a few days after the baby arrives giving us time to be a new family together. DH's mom isn't off work again until the 12th, so she'll come down then for a few days.

Lots of Gator fans! I never went to school there (grew up and went to school in VA), but I am a Shands baby, my dad's an alum, and now I work there. I converted DH to the Gators when we moved down 7 years ago. Somehow he got the better end of the deal though... he became a Gator fan, I got the Redskins. Hoping for a better season this year than last. Should be interesting with 2 sophomore quarterbacks.

Happy birthday Paula! hope you get a great little gift!
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