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PT Destash! BSRB, Fishnoodles, Bottombumpers, Dolce Baby, wetbag, and more!

I'm looking to move the cloth diapers on outta here! My daughter has potty trained and we have no need for them any more. I've broken this up into smaller lots according to the type of diaper. Most are stain/major wear free, but a few have minor damage which will be noted as best as I can (trying to sort through a lot of diapers is a bit overwhelming and I apologize if I missed anything).

$200 for all of it. Take it and run.

This lot includes the following:

PUL Outer AI2's
Bright Star Baby Size 2 Ooga AI2
Dolce Baby AI2 Zorb/OBV contour soaker AI2 (I'd say it was a M/L)
Bottom Bumpers AI2 Large - EUC - 1 Sage Green, 1 Orange
Bottom Bumpers AI2 Large - Working Condition - 1 Red (No stains, no holes, but elastic is a bit stretched)
(Will sell just the PUL Outers for $60ppd)
*****Dream Eze Large - Orange, Bottom Bumpers AI2 OS - EUC - 2 White, Large Fishnoodles - 2 Green, 1 Blue sold, but above lot is still available

Fitteds with Snaps
Dolce Baby OBV Outer Night Time- Pink with lwi dyed blue heart on the booty (Elastic needs to be replaced. I can replace the elastic for $5 additional.)
Dolce Baby One Tough Cookie
Dolce Baby Blue and Purple LWI Dyed OBV Outer
Dolce Baby Pink and Yellow LWI Dyed OBV Outer
Dolce Baby Purple/Black/Orange LWI Dyed OBV Outer
(Will sell just the fitteds with snaps for $75ppd)

Snapless Fitteds
Pooligans Flowered (Soaker had to be repaired)
Bagshot Row Bamboo (Old Style, a few snappi holes, elastic a bit worn)
Full Tilt Ooga (barely used, still soft)
Bagshot Row Bamboo OBV inner yellow/doves with blue/white polka dots halfsie
(Will sell just the snapless fitteds for $50 ppd)

Print and Fleece Outer AI2's
Bagshot Row Bamboo Rock and Roll/Black Fleece (holes in guitar fabric as shown)
Dolce Baby Argyle Hearts Fleece
Full Tilt Sassy Tink (htf)
Bagshot Row Bamboo Sleeping Beauty and Fleece (htf) (little holes wearing on edge of sleeping beauty on wings)
Egg Tooth Diapers (ETD) Super Girl/red halfsie
Full Tilt Bug Karaoke
Full Tilt Kawaii Pooh (htf)
Full Tilt Pink with White polka dots
Egg Tooth Diapers Happy Flowers
(Will sell AI2 lot for $125ppd)

Thirsties Duo Wraps Size 2
3 Aplix - Red (a little bit of aplix detaching), Blue (GUC), and Orange (okay condition, laundry tab on one side barely attached and front aplix stitching broken in one area) - All work just fine. No leaks with my girl.
2 with snaps - Purple and Green - barely even used EEUC
(Will sell Duo Wraps lot for $30)

Large Cutie Poops Minky Dot
Large Happy Heineys
(Will sell Pocket lot for $15ppd)

1 OBF extra stuffing doubler (2 layers obf)
1 Old style Goodmama doubler
(Just comes with the whole lot -- I will probably through in a few more extra stuffins if it all sells together as long as there's space)

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