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Re: Coming home Clothes

Originally Posted by brookglen View Post
Last pregnancy I brought two or three outfits in varying sizes because both of our mothers were all "You guys are going to have a huge baby!". We are pretty tall individuals. We also had almost zero newborn clothes.

Low and behold I give birth to a premie sized baby girl weighing in at a whopping 5 lbs 10oz. And she went home with sleeves and cuffs rolled up to the hilt. She's still a petite little thing to this day.

I think I'll do this... a couple of outfits in varying sizes. I have no idea what size baby will be. I'm petite, my husband is a bit above average. I was a huge baby. He was a small baby. Nothing makes sense. My mom is certain this baby will be big and a little bit early because hers were. And I don't care about the investment of buying something that will only be worn once or twice. This is baby number 1 and it took 12 months of ttc and 2 false starts to get here so you better believe this baby is wearing something adorable that fits perfectly and probably costs far too much.
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