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Argh! I just don't understand!

DD spends 2 days a week at my mother's house and 2 days at my MIL's house while I'm at work (about 12 hours away from me each day). The other days I have her and EBF. She gets bottles of expressed milk at the grandmas' houses. Today I ended up having to take her to work with me because MIL canceled on short notice. I already had 3 bottles made that needed to be used today so I decided to bottle feed her at the office. Explain to me why, in the same amount of time with no nursing, that DD took 12 ounces from me (and she wasn't holding out for the breast, she actually prefers bottles), while she takes at least 18 ounces from the grandmas!! This is of course a rhetorical question and will continue this way until we have to put DD in a real daycare. Oh well, I guess my pumped milk costs less than actual daycare.
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