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I like how trim the stay dry inserts are. But I also use regular infant size prefolds in my Flips. You are better off with prefolds or flats in there, I think. They can be folded wider so baby doesn't touch as much exposed PUL. And when they are wider they shift less.

I have found that no matter what insert or prefold I have in there poop gets all over the cover. It's unavoidable in my opinion. But you have 6 covers so just throw it the cover in the wash with the insert when that happens. I have 6 covers too and it worked out just fine for us.

Flips did NOT work on our baby as a newborn and she was born at 8lbs 4oz. They didn't fit well for us until she fit into size 2 disposables. I didn't know they wouldn't fit well so I didn't have any newborn cloth diapers for her.

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