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Originally Posted by BeccaSueCongdon
For those with persistent stink issues, I'm curious;

What detergent did you start with
What kind of dipe do you have (natural fiber or microfiber)
Is your baby ebf or ff or on solids?

Just wondering if there are any common themes.
I'll answer as I battled stink off and on for several months.

I started with All F&C. Baby was EBF and diapers were almost all cotton, less 6 BG XS AIOs. Everything stink right away. I tried Country Save and I still struggled although things were better. DS ended up ff due to some medical issues I was having but I didn't notice too much change w/th diapers/poop. We also transitioned to our BG 4.0s and Blueberry pockets with bamboo inserts around this time. The CS made them stink. So we tried Charlie's Soap. It was awesome for us for a long time! We successfully used it for about 9 months and never needed to strip but added a little bleach about once a month. Then, it stopped working for us when DS was about 9 months old. He was ff and eating solids at that point and we were back to all natural fibers and PUL. I tried the All F&C (our regular detergent) again - disastrous. I tried Tide F&G - instant issues with stink. I tried Ultra Tide powder and it made my DS break out although it seemed good for the diapers. I finally tried liquid Tide and it's been awesome!! We're 4 months in with no issues.

Good luck, mama! I hope this helps you.

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