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Re: Diaper Stink Survey

These have been my stink issues:

1st noticed stink using my homemade detergent. Switched to Tide and have had no problems since. This was on organic cotton inserts and covers.

Had ammonia problems for everything and increased water level and detergent amount to recommended amount, ammonia disappeared and haven't had problems with the majority of my diapers since.

I tend to have more stink/ammonia issues with microfiber items, so I sold all of them and only use organic materials now

Currently having ammonia issues with overnight diapers, but none of the rest of my items. Thanks to some other mamas here, I am going to start rinsing the night diapers before putting them in the wetbag, and then put them in for a warm wash/rinse before adding the rest of the diapers. I'm hopeful this will work!!!

Good survey idea! I'm interested in the results!!!
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