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UPDATE 10/25! Rights of our beloved Jenny are being ignored!

UPDATE 10/24: I am sorry for not updating sooner. I appreciate all the prayers from DS moms when we attended court on the 11th the case was simply continued as we requested a jury trial since it was clear the judge had already made his decision and it wasn't one that was in the best interest of Jenny. We asked that she be returned home until the next trial date but to much avil we were turned down. That day, after court, Jenny went to get lunch and then returned to the group home. She then tried to run away from the group home and was shortly picked up by police about 3 miles from the home. I went I go meet her and she was hysterical. That was very hard for us. Jenny was featured on the front page of our regions newspaper and I would provide a link but unless you are a subscriber you can't read any articles however I can link to the news broadcast that aired on this evenings news:

Here is sweet Jenny

UPDATE 10/7: Today we were able to pick Jenny up around 9am to take her to her church for Sunday service. This is the first time since being in the group home that she has attended her church. We spent the rest of the day with her. She says that they added a new medication to her daily regime and that she doesn't know what it is. She seems lethargic in the beginning of the day and has been taking long naps. We're very worried that she is being medicated Court is on Tuesday and we pray that the judge will make an informed decision and deny a guardianship be placed on Jenny. Please pray for her mamas.

Here is a photo of myself and Jenny

Please pray for a dear member out my family, Jenny. We need all of the help we can get to stop the abuse and neglect that has plagued her life for so long.

In April of 2008 we took into our employ a young lady with Down's syndrome. Over the past four years she has become a part of our family to the extent of actually residing in our home. She was an integral part of our business team as are all of our employees. She developed relationships and friendships with all of her co-workers and many customers and was well known and loved in our local community. In January of 2012, she stated that she had been kicked out of her home and was living with someone else. In the ensuing weeks she would come to work unkempt which raised concerns. She began wanting to stay at work instead of going home at the end of her shifts. She stated that she did not like it there and the person whom she lived with was never home. She would return to our store routinely throughout the day and would ride her bicycle around the block visiting people she knew at the other local businesses. In February of 2012, we contacted local agencies to express our concerns and seek guidance with no avail.

In March of 2012 she was hit by a car while riding her bicycle. While in the hospital she underwent back surgery which required a stay of more than a week. As her discharge date neared, we learned from hospital staff that her immediate family was not willing to take her in, thus she had nowhere to go. At this point we decided to take her into our home to care for her during her recovery. She stayed in our home from March 19, 2012 until May 16, 2012. We began shortly thereafter to seek services for her that would enable her to stay in our home. The battle that followed was not only unexpected but unbelievable.

The local CSB (Community Services Board) would not provide waiver services to help keep her in the community unless she was homeless, which is a term they themselves could not define. In order to get the services in which she was entitled we were forced to surrender her to the CSB at which time they placed her in a congregate setting. She was traumatized of course because for 28 years she had enjoyed the same freedoms, enjoyed by every other citizen, provided by the Constitution of the United States. She communicated on numerous occasions her expressed desire to leave and return to our home. Her communications expressing that desire to be released were rewarded by the facility staff taking away her phone, computer and denying her access to the facility phone.

When we were finally able to communicate with her again we gave her a number to an attorney that was able to rescue her from the facility. Shortly after coming back to our home she was summoned to a guardianship hearing initiated by her stepfather. Although a continuance was granted, the intent of the hearing was clear as she was hauled off by court order to yet another facility, against her will, to remain in limbo while she waits for her freedom of choice to be fully abolished.

By no fault of her own this individual because she has a disability has been removed from her friends, is no longer employed, enjoys none of the freedoms and opportunities offered by the community and is completely segregated and kept with people that are deemed like her miles away from her home.

We have spent countless hours researching, making phone calls, sending emails and writing letters. To date we have not found within the Code of Virginia, Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Olmstead Act, The United States vs. Commonwealth of Virginia Settlement Agreement, Virginia Department of Health and Developmental Services, Community Services Board Client Rights Summary, or the Social Security Act Section 1915 (c), etc., that gives anyone the right to do what is being done to this individual based on her disability.

We ask for your help to ensure this individuals rights are preserved. That her choice to not be in an institutionalor congregate setting be respected and she can return to a loving home with the supports and services she needs where she truly wants to be.

Here is a petition with our story and info, please sign if you can:
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