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Re: Just annoyed and frustrated re: potty training

My DH help on the weekend?

Oh, sorry, did I laugh out loud there? In all seriousness, his hours during the week are so long that he does quite a bit of "resting" during the weekend. Plus our "weekend" is really just Saturday since we go to church twice on Sunday, and potty training at church isn't really convenient (and we go on Wednesdays, too, and I also take the kids to my doctor 40 minutes away each Wednesday for my shots), so that's another reason the 3-to-7-day method won't work for us. There are too many situations where I just CAN'T have an accident, so the child in question would HAVE to wear a diaper of some sort. So if I'm "training" on the other days but "not training" during those times I mentioned, then that's not consistent, and I'm back to my catch-22. I *could* carve out a Thursday/Friday/Saturday to do this, IF I knew it would only take the three days. But I don't. And with one exception in this thread, everyone who has stated a timeframe that it took for their child to learn has said it took a week or two. I can't commit to that. We will go broke. I will get too far behind with DD's schooling (we homeschool). I can't miss my weekly shots or I might have another preemie.

I'm not really leaning towards doing rewards (like a chocolate chip or whatever), because 1) I don't think he would connect the candy to pottying and 2) I don't like using food as a behavior modification tool and 3) I don't want him to get "addicted" to the award and only decide to go potty if he can get a treat.

Maybe all this means I'll still have a four-year-old in diapers, day and night. Fine. I don't care. It doesn't mean I'm a failure as a mother, just that I'm a failure at potty training. And I AM a failure at that, because I have never heard of anyone else, online OR in real life, whose child takes so long and is so old when they are finally potty independent.
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