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Re: Just annoyed and frustrated re: potty training

Years ago I had a friend who had some words of wisdom. While she was experiencing frustration w/potty training, someone older told her this: You don't see adults who are having potty accidents out in public (OK, not w/o medical reasons). Just give it some time & relax a little. I've also read that you can not control their bodily functions. If somehow the process turns into a battle of wills, they will win. My 34 mo DD just potty trained. She showed signs of having the ability to control things & an awareness of what needed to happen at 18 mos. However, she has NEVER been amenable to sitting on the potty b/c I request it. In fact, for a time, my suggestion would more often result in an accident b/c she'd refuse. She's not a difficult or particularly stubborn child, but in this area, she was adamant. I finally learned that she can hold it longer than I thought. I've learned not to push (I do still ask, sometimes) & she's learned to tell me when she needs to go. Anyway, good luck with it all,. DON"T beat yourself up if taking a more relaxed, wait & see, approach is what works for your family. Everyone's home situation is different!! This is my 4th & I was all about encouraging her, but not forcing or spending my whole day (for days on end) following her around trying to gauge when she might need to go. I'd have been just fine continuing to diaper her for another 6 mos or so, if she needed that time. (I have to confess that by the time they're approaching 4 yrs, it feels that they should be working on this skill.) Hang in there!!
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