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Re: How much homework does your First grader have?

My kids haven't started school yet, but when they do Isaac (in grade 1 this year) will have a book to read every night and that's it. The only time the younger kids (grades K-2) have any homework is if they don't get time to finish something in class (because of their own behaviour, not because of time constraints) or if they've missed school.
The middle classroom (grades 3&4) my DD was in last year and she had a homework kit sent home each Friday. It had a few things to do - maybe a math worksheet, a reading comprehension activity, and some other LA thing - and it was due back by the following Wednesday. We always had her budget her weekend time to include the work and had it back in on Monday - this was just our choice though, kwim?
I don't know what the older kids (grades 5-8) have, though I know they do have some homework to prepare them for entering high school, and I know they have a monthly book report. DD is going into grade 5 this year, so we'll find out shortly!
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