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Originally Posted by jessca06
I was going to go with my DD (2 yrs old), DS (3 months old), my mom, and my aunt to have lunch with my cousins (7 & 9 yrs old) at their school tomorrow. My aunt just called my mom and asked her to make sure that I know not to breastfeed DS in the school.

I said we aren't going. I never show much of anything (not that I think that matters anyways). I always wear a tank with a shirt over (and lift up shirt and pull down tank to nurse). She said that there are kids there and it isn't appropriate to breastfeed.

Am I overreacting? What would you do?
My baby has the right to eat wherever others are eating. These are children. They'd probably not even bat an eye or just ask what you're doing. I think it's wrong to tell you not to nurse. Depending on where you live the law is probably in your side.
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